Do the homes come furnished?

  • Unit 4A comes furnished but Units 5A, 5B, 7A & 7C are delivered unfurnished giving you the flexibility to bring your own style to your home. For your convenience we have partnered with Just The Little Things to provide interior design expertise (Shannon Sellentin) to help you outfit your entire home. For pricing, scan the QR code for Shannon’s contact information.

Can I install a hot tub?

  • Yes you can, with the exception of Units 7A & 7B. The patios are equipped with a dedicated circuit to accommodate a hot tub.

Can I rent out my home?

  • Yes, you can! You can use Wapato Point Management Company as your rental agency, making renting a breeze as all our housekeeping and maintenance staff is located on site.
  • Rentals at Ponderosa are (7) night minimums peak season (3) nights in the off season.
  • Please refer to your governing documents for more information on rentals.
  • A 3.5% gross receipts fee is applied to all rentals. The rental agency or owner is responsible to report all rental income annually to administration.
  • Other rules may apply.

‌As a homeowner, what am I responsible for as it relates to exterior upkeep and maintenance?

  • The benefit of owning in Ponderosa is the hands-off structure of exterior maintenance. Your HOA dues cover all exterior maintenance and upkeep of your home and the common areas around Ponderosa. Specifically for your home, this includes all exterior siding, windows, walkways, lawns, upper decks, and roofs.
  • Homeowners are responsible for all interior upkeep and maintenance of their homes.

Are pets Allowed?

  • Yes, pets are allowed for owners only within the Ponderosa development. Please reference the rules regarding pets. Pets must always be on leash and accompanied by an owner.
  • Owners are required to register their pets with the front desk. Annual pet fees apply and are in addition to your HOA dues.
  • You must always clean up after your pet.

Can I walk my pet on the roads/trails within Wapato Point?

  • Pets are not allowed in the Wapato Point community, which are common areas between the homeowner associations. You are not able to walk your pet throughout the property, only within the Ponderosa development. You must take your pet off property to walk your pet and there are many places in and around Manson for this activity.
  • If your pet is a service or support animal, it must be registered as such with the front desk. Service and support animals can be walked throughout Wapato Point property, special tags or vests may apply.

‌Is there pet boarding nearby?

  • Yes! There are pet boarding facilities and a veterinary clinic located nearby. lakelandveterinary.com , or the Animal Inn 509.264.4083.

‌If I have a boat or other watercraft, what are my options for mooring and storage?

  • 1.7 miles down the road is Mill Bay Boat Launch where you can launch your boat/watercraft (minimal launch fees apply). After launch you can store your trailer on property in the boat/trailer parking area adjacent to the Wapato Point maintenance facility. Storage is included in your HOA dues and is on a first come first serve basis.
  • There are mooring buoys and docks on both the Chelan and Manson sides of the property. Moorage is included in your HOA dues and is on a first come first serve basis.

‌Who has access to the private Ponderosa Clubhouse and pool facility?

  • Only Ponderosa owners and guests will have exclusive access to the Ponderosa Clubhouse and pool facility.

‌Is there reserved parking?

  • The homes each have one reserved parking stall. The remaining parking provided is unreserved. Heartwood homes come with a single vehicle garage and driveway, exclusive for Heartwood owners.

What does leased land mean?

  • Wapato Point Resort is situated on an allotment of land owned by a local Native American family. There are fifty (50) years left on the lease.
  • Wright Wapato Inc. is responsible for the lease and maintains compliance under the terms of the lease.
  • When you purchase a home at Ponderosa or any other homeowner’s association at Wapato you are purchasing the home itself, not the land as is typical of any land lease.
  • On Wapato Point there are no property taxes on top of the HOA dues, a portion of your dues contains an in lieu of tax payment which supports Chelan County, fire department, police protection and schools.

‌Are there any other owner fees outside of my HOA dues specific to the association?

  • The only additional fees that could apply would be owner specific, for example, pet fees, fines, owner approved special assessments.

‌As an owner what utilities am I responsible for?

  • Sewer, electrical, TV, phone & Internet & Propane
  • Homeowners are responsible to coordinate hookup directly with vendors.

‌Is there garbage service?

  • Garbage is included in your HOA dues.
  • A large trash compactor is provided for owners and located by the maintenance facility for owners to dispose of their garbage.
  • Alternatively, owners may contract directly with the local garbage collection company, Zippy Disposal (www.zippydisposalservice.com) for weekly garbage collection.

‌Is financing available?

  • Yes! We have lenders currently working with some of our Ponderosa clients:
  • Ryan Martsen w/ Movement Mortgage 509-293-1435
  • Eric Gray w/The Eric Gray Group 206-423-5832.
  • Adrienne Parrish w/Caliber Home Loans 206-643-3076
  • Keith Lashley w/Family First Mortgage 206-356-1609