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Designated Responsible Person (DRP) A renter or guest who is responsible for, registers, and ensures compliance of rules by all occupants staying at a home or condo when the owner is not present. Authorized by Owner/Agent and 21 years of age or older.


IMPORTANT: Occupancy is limited to 12 people when owner is not in residence. In Halmalka the 2-bedroom units the maximum is 6 persons, and in 3-bedroom units the maximum is 8 persons



NOTE: Service/Assistance Animals Service/Assistance animals must be listed on the registration to be allowed on Wapato Point.  The service or assistance animal must remain with the handler it is supporting at all times. (For complete list of Service and Assistance Animal guidelines click here)

  • - We are aware of and agree that all occupants will abide by the rules and regulations of Wapato Point and the association (Click to view Div 2 or Click to view Halmalka)
  • - That Wapato Point assumes no responsibility or liability for property brought to or used at or injury of death arising from activities at Wapato Point.
  • - That home or condo is being used/rented by renter/guest and is governed by separate agreement with owner/agent and that Wapato Point has no responsibility or liability.
  • - (Additional liability agreements – click to view)
  • - All renters/guests agree to place a Visa or MasterCard on file at the time of check in for incidentals or use of common areas/amenities.  The renter/guest assumes liability for this bill and agrees to be held personally liable in the event that indicated persons or company fail to pay any part of the full amount of all charges associated and incurred.
  • - Pets are not allowed on Wapato Point property at any time.
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