Where Traditions Grow

Ponderosa provides the first opportunity in decades to own a new home at the place where families have made lifelong memories for generations. Our team has made the buying process easy and enjoyable for you to start growing traditions with your family.


Welcome To The Neighborhood

Named for the native tree that dots the hills around Lake Chelan, Ponderosa brings a collection of Northwest-styled homes to a place coveted for its rich stories and abundance of lake activity. Much like the fabled rings of this pine tree, each moment, memory, and tradition at Ponderosa will cement incredible family history at Wapato Point.

Put down roots at Ponderosa and stay connected to what matters most: each other.


A Blossoming Community

Wapato Point Resort is a one-of-a-kind setting on Lake Chelan and a place of rich legacy and new beginnings. It is a time capsule of family memories and great stories. Just like the rings of the Ponderosa tree, the many generations of Wapato Point have continued to grow over the years. What keeps these families coming back is the community camaraderie and lakeside lifestyle full of year-round amenities and activities.

Seed Stage: Choose Your Perfect Home

Our Heartwood and Canopy layouts allow you to envision your dream home and choose which one is best for you and your family.

Sprout Stage: Building Your Future

Our team will keep you updated on the progress of your home every step of the way, while ensuring an easy building process so you can focus on making your home feel like yours. You can feel free to ask questions along the way and feel confident our team has everything taken care of.

Sapling Stage: Start Growing Traditions

Start living the Lake Chelan life you’ve always dreamed of. Our Wapato Point Resort team will continue to support you through maintenance, our partners, and any local recommendations you need. Now you can start exploring, relaxing, and putting down your family roots.


Find your next home at Ponderosa Wapato Point.


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